Ultrasonic Cleaner | Duc-1000H(F)
Model DCU - 100H(F)
Cleaning Object PH, ORP Electrode
Cleaning Method

Ultrasonic continuous irradiation

Ambient Temp.
& Humidity
0~50℃, 95% RH less
Sample water condition Temp. -5~80℃(Not freezing condition)
Oscillator Approximate 80KHz
Power Supply AC100V(AC220V subject to OEM)
Weight Approximate 6.0kg(based on Holder 1M)
Construction Anti-dust and weather-proof
Material Aℓ Dicasting (Oscillator case only)

Water-Jet Cleaner | DWJ-200
Model DWJ - 200
Cleaning Object PH, ORP, DO Electrode

Immersion Type

Washing cycle 1~2hour
Washing time 10~100sec
Contact Capacity 1A 24V DC 0.5A 125V AC
Input Signal 4~20mA
Output Signal 4~20mA
Isolation between
Input & Output
Output signal method Hold. Preset, Through output
Output Mode - Auto. : Automatic Cleaning
- Manual : Manual Cleaning
Remote control contact Available Cleaning commencement from external
Ambient Temp 0~50℃
Power supply AC100V±10% (AC220V is optional)
Consumption power 20VA
Weight Approcimate 6.0kg(based is optional)
Construction Anti-Dust and Weather-proof
Material Poly carbonate

Brush Cleaner | DBC-200
Model DBC - 100
Cleaning Object PH, ORP, DO, MLSS Electrode

Immersion Type

Cleaning Method Intermittent Cleaning by Brushing
Ambient Temp 0~50℃
Washing cycle 0.1~3.0hour
Washing time 0.2~5min
Consumption power 30VA
Liquid Contact Meterial SUS 316, P.P
(Excluding Holder Material)
Weight 7.0kg(based on Holder 1M)
Construction Anti-Dust and Weather-proof